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XL Timing Pulleys

A pulley is a circular object, usually fabricated from heavy duty materials, which is used in numerous applications, the most common of which include applying forces or transmitting force, carrying things or guiding belts, chain, and ropes. The pulley wheel features an axle that is commonly installed to a frame or brace that allows the wheel to spin freely.

This reduces rubbing when a rope, chain, or belt runs around the pulley. The outer side of the pulley can be grooved to help guide the belts, ropes, chains or cables preventing them from sliding off the pulley during operation.The applications of a pulley wheel can differ significantly, and the size of the wheel will often vary based on the function for which it is being used. 

A pulley wheel can be used in an automotive engine compartment to support the timing belt or the serpentine belt and the pulley may also be used to power peripheral equipment such as power steering machines and air conditioners. These pulleys will be fairly small.


Mainly used in the mining, metallurgical, cement, chemicals,construction, buiding materials,

electric power, telecommunictions, textiles, and transportation departments.

Such as:

1. conveyor:Belt conveyor,AFC conveyor, chain conveyor, screw conveyor.

2. Pum:Water pump, oil pump, slush pump, etc.

3. Fan: Draft fan, fanner, boil fan, etc.

4. Excator:bucket excavator bucket, wheel excavators .

5. Crane:Tower crane, gantry crande, bridge crane.

6. Others:Various elevators, coal plough, ball mill, crusher, recreation machine.

7. Blender equipment, centrifuger, washer, leather-making machine, machine for recreation park mixer wire drawing machine.Extruder, dregs crusher of boiler.

8. Plastic feeder, rubber smelling machine, etc.

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XL Timing Pulleys

1.Good resistant performance.

2.Small extending rate.

3.High strength

4.Durable uder oil,heat and zone.

5.Anti aging

6.Good anti-cracking performance.

7.Category:automotive timing belt, automotive synchronous belt, industrial synchronous belt.


1. More competitive prices,
2. Shorter delivery date: 35 days.

3.We are the professional manufacturer in the field of Power Trans. Parts,specially for Timing Pulleys.

4. Produce standard and non-standard
5.Strict QC Management:ISO9001:2008

Packaging & Shipping:

All the products can be packed in cartons,or,you can choose the pallet packing.

MADE IN CHINA can be pressed on wooden cases.Land,air,sea transportation are available.UPS,DHL,TNT,

FedEx and EMS are all supported.

Main Products

1. Timing Belt Pulley (Synchronous Pulley), Timing Bar, Clamping Plate; 

2. Forging, Casting, Stampling Part; 

3.V Belt Pulley and Taper Lock Bush; Sprocket, Idler and Plate Wheel;Spur Gear, Bevel Gear, Rack;  

4.Shaft Locking Device: could be alternative for Ringfeder, Sati, Chiaravalli, Tollok, etc.; 

5.Shaft Coupling:including Miniature couplings, Curved tooth coupling, Chain coupling, HRC coupling, Normex coupling, Type coupling, GE Coupling, torque limiter, Universal Joint;  

6. Shaft Collars: including Setscrew Type, Single Split and Double Splits; 

7. Timing Belt: including Rubber and PU timing belts for industrial; 

8. Other customized Machining Parts according to drawings (OEM).

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The company has featuring complete equipment, advanced technology and excellent quality control and testing system, excellent product quality, reasonable price.

Its main products are: Standard Sprockets, Taper Bore Sprockets, Special Sprockets, Couplings, Shafts, Gears, Timing
Pulleys,V-belt Pulleys,Taper Lock Bush,Gear Racks and so on.The factory also has the ability to make special items according to customer’s design.